Location: Bali
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Bali Nature our is one of the unique tour we have in bali, because we would like to offer our costumer some thing different, we will escorting our costumers to country side far away from tourism area, located in north west of bali.

we will go along the edge of country side to see what are balinesse doing during the day in their village and also the unique one is we can be joining the activities of them.for example how the people going to the garden , how the people planting, and to protecting the garden so they can make money to continue their life thrue, we advice this trip with destiny it is to introduce our country side and to lets the costumer know how the balinesse people life in country side, along this time 99% tourists know bali is tourist place but only in the city, that way we offer this specials tour to the costumers who want to know country side of bali.

also we supporting our trip we will offer to our costumers to see a jungle or rain forest where there is no one tourist has been there before.


* 1st day

pick up transfer from the air port to first destination hotel

* 2nd day

we start the trip from the hotel at 08:45 am we are going to see Balinesse traditional dance ( Barong and Kris Dance in Kesiman) the dance starting from 09:30 am to 10:30 am than we continue our trip to wana giri and on theway we also can see alot of fantastic panoramas,we will be arrived at wana giri around 01:00 pm we an have lunch there while enjoying nice fresh weather on the top of the hill and from the top of the hill we will see two lakes in the midlle of rain forest.after finish the lunch we are going to water fall in Munduk village thats about 25 meters high, to get that waterfall we have to do walking about 500 meters from parking area while do bit adventure and bit exercise. than we continue the trip to Busung biu thats one of the country side destination to see very wonderfull view of the rice field in both side of the river to take some picture and than continue the trip to sepang village. thats the point we going to.we can sleep in one of local people house there.

* 3rd day

we are spend a time with the people there and joining them to go to the garden and you can do what the villager do in the garden

* 4th day

say good bye to the people in the village because we wanna do the continue trip. we will be going to frst destination point called Bunut Bolong located in Negara Regency there is a tree on the street the cars fast al the time to do the activties. at tree was exist when japanesse people in bali n a year 1942 it was that big. there is a Temple also every Balinesse people fast that street they will stop a few minutes to pray.than we are continue thour trip to Medewi there is a black sand beach wit h many corals reef so there is very good wave to surf. than we go to Anto Sari to see rice field in front of the beach.. than we going to Tanah Lot temple to see sunset and you can have dinner in front side beach of Tanah Lot. than we back to the hotel in kuta or sanur.

* 5th day

free activities

* 6th day

chek out transfer from the hotel to Denpasar air port.

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